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We believe that Dads Rock!...that's why choose the name ;-) 

We want to help celebrate all the great Dads/granddads and male carers out there, we want to share with others the joy and struggles of being a Dad, and let others see a wee bit about our lives.  It's important that our kids understand how much us Dads love them, and we still need to break down some barriers and help people see what it means to be a Dad today. 
So we're launching the 'Being Dad' photo campaign!
1. A photo of you (dad/granddad/male carer) with your kids
2. 160 words or less about the joy/struggle of being Dad
So get creative and get involved! - We're going to be taking some of the photos to the Scottish Parliament in June to display - and we'll invite families to come see their photos there.
You can share your photo and words on Instagram, facebook or twitter, or of course you can email them to us. 
Use #beingdadrocks and remember to tag us!

We provide for FREE:

  • 4 playgroups, 3 each Saturday, and 1 each Sunday.  The groups are open to all dads/granddads and children aged 0-5 yrs.  Click on the link here for more detail on our playgroups: Playgroup Info
  • Dads2be Antenatal classes, please get in touch to book your space
  • Counselling for Dads and Mums
  • Young Dads (aged 25 or under) Mentoring
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  • 2