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Being a mum, dad, care giver is a fantastic job, perhaps the best in the world? Sometimes though it can be tough, there are times we all need to be able to step back and give ourselves some time. Dads Rock now offers free counselling to ALL mums, dads and other care givers in Edinburgh. 

The counselling is based at WHALE Arts in Wester Hailes, and Granton Youth Centre in North Edinburgh.  We are offering weekly sessions of one hour, with a qualified counsellor.  

We are happy to work with whatever people bring to talk about, and suggest that initial appointments are set up at a time that suits to go over this in more detail.  The counselling sessions are available during the week in the early afternoon and evening.

If you have any questions about the free counselling, please do get in touch and we will do our best to answer your questions.

 **We are not currently offering counselling placements for students.**


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