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Dads are vital to helping our kids get the best start in life, and we want to help dads and their kids to have strong positive relationships

We need members, to help guide Dads Rock, sign up now!  The annual fee is £2

Members Benefits

Access to our new member’s only Facebook group, where you’ll get priority access to booking spaces on all of our trips and outings (if you're not on Facebook, we'll email you)

You'll be first to hear about: 

1. Our trips and how to book spaces on them
2. Any free tickets we're given
3. Important updates on the running of Dads Rock and new developments. 

You’ll be able to stand for election as a trustee to direct, govern and shape the 
future of Dads Rock 

To Join

Complete our application form, and pay your £2.

Being a member is open to anyone aged 16 or over who has an interest in supporting and fulfilling the purposes of Dads Rock. Irrespective of their own financial situation.

Data Protection

Dads Rock holds all data securely and will not pass it onto a third party. Please contact us for more details about Data protection.